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Big effect brings a combination of growth and orderly development of the security orders
Updated:2017-09-28 17:24  Author:admin  Views:  Category:Industry News
Recently, Xi Jinping hosted a central network security and information technology group first meeting, asked to build China into a powerful network. Xi Jinping any team leader. Localization and information security is expected to once again be the focus of policy support. Cloud computing will provide the opportunity of local IT companies turn to overtake, the wisdom of the city also will help nurture large local IT companies. Visible, cloud technology, construction of smart city of the future development potential can not be underestimated. And they just also a key factor in promoting the security industry indispensable.
Cloud technology to change the traditional security industry
According to statistics, if the increase proportionally, 2013 security market share of approximately 0.65% GDP. In early 2013 according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2013 GDP reached 56.9 trillion yuan, in 2013 the market size of nearly 370 billion security. 2014 If you follow growth of 7.5%, China's GDP is expected to be about 61.2 trillion yuan. If the security market calculated in accordance with the proportion of 0.69% of GDP, in 2014 China's security market will reach 420 billion yuan or so.
The present application cloud technology has changed the traditional security industry, the traditional analog-based system operating mode development. The concept is a means of monitoring cloud monitoring industry to fully use cloud storage, cloud computing, data center and combine business intelligence technology to optimize the multimedia data center operations, thus the formation of intelligent monitoring network, further imaging and centralized management of resources and information to virtual technology to provide users with a high-performance user interface and management platform. 2014 Cloud Security enterprises or become competitive weapon.
Giant cloud technology brings industry leading combination of development
With the development of technology to enhance the clouds, in the past most surveillance industry stalemate storage problems gradually get some sort of relief, through the cloud storage application so that huge monitor image transformed into a huge amount of monitoring opportunities. Hikvision Pan Xinchun cloud when it comes to the topic, said that with large data, the rise of cloud computing, as well-known security companies, Hikvision in big data, cloud computing and other technologies have also been explored and innovation. In the field of big data, we have introduced a variety of related products, such as video cloud storage, transportation bayonet big data processing platform, video information databases. Future, Hikvision will continue to launch big data platform, Big Data integration and other products, and will continue to enrich the large data processing services, gradually applied to the actual project safe city, smart city, urban management and the like.
With the development of cloud computing concept more and more popular, especially in the telecommunications infrastructure improvement. In addition, with the improvement of network bandwidth and network product pricing decline, cloud-based video surveillance solution has attracted more and more attention to suppliers. In the small and medium enterprise applications, cloud solutions can allow users to check real-time video, and look back at any point of time recording video clips, which provides a convenient way to manage and receive alerts. Cloud video surveillance is not just a physical security solution that can integrate cloud medical, support video calls, maximize the use of mobile terminals. As an IT solutions, cloud-based video surveillance applications more easily accepted by the public. In fact, some vendors have cloud technology into micro letter - one in Chinese popular chat tools in a timely manner. Another important feature is support for cloud computing or social circle of friends shared.
Cloud-based competitor solutions not only traditional video surveillance vendors, including storage vendors, IT solution providers and telecom operators. Some Chinese telecom operators to provide broadband services bundled customers a free webcam support cloud storage, while an extra but reasonable monthly. With the increasing customer base and more and more attention, IHS predicted cloud-based video surveillance solution will provide customers with defined applications to create value through it. China has over one billion potential users, while access to products and security features to attract users is a winning combination.
Security orders increased capacity to promote smart city business opportunities
Cloud technology, can be said that the security technology industry new technology. But mention the wisdom of the city, presumably practitioners will not be unfamiliar. Wisdom from safe city to city, the development of the security industry is inseparable from its shadow. With the proposed civilian, new urbanization concept of Smart City is to become an important aspect of construction, divided into security video, intelligent transportation, smart healthcare, smart buildings, smart city urban management, financial and other types of intelligence. With the advance of the wisdom of urban construction, the various segments of listed companies is expected to increase orders.
Although the domestic video surveillance industry has been close to one hundred billion yuan scale, but industry growth remains undiminished. Currently, the security video surveillance industry growth impetus came mainly from the market goes down, the system-level integration of high-definition cameras, combined with the industry application intelligence and wisdom of the city Demand. Data show that the security industry HD camera penetration is about 30%, there is still much room for growth, will bring opportunities for growth security equipment manufacturers.
Future smart city construction material resources will co-ordinate urban development, information resources and intellectual resources, combined with networking, cloud computing, big data, a new generation of innovative applications of information technology to achieve the depth of integration and social development of the urban economy.
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